Bio2imaging has published the french web site

Thanks to an innovative image analysis process which tracks your blood flow in real-time, ou web site gives a direct and reliable measurement of your heart rate and allows to follow up your health with the health managing service.

All you have to do is cover up the camera lens with your index tip, and the application will compute your heart rate in real-time while displaying the pulse signal in a graph.

              features :

- Real-time heart rate calculation & display

- Weight follow up

- Complete Health profile

- Health dashboard to check your health and compare it to other members

- Health and wellness advice.  

- HR training zone service.

- Resting heart rate check-up at the end of each measure

Why register as a member on ?

You may use our application to determine your heart rate just out of curiosity, to compare it with your friends for fun, after physical activity to know your HR training zone or to do health prevention as explained in the next paragraph.

Using  Suivi-Santé.fr   to monitor your resting heart rate in the long term :

Recent studies have shown the link between a high resting heart rate and increased cardiovascular disease risk (please visit the Journal of the American College of Cardiology for more information on the subject).


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